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Roku Guru

In OS 10.5 deleting developer channel (via the installer) clears registry!

I've noticed in OS 10.5, when using the Development Application Installer, if I "Delete" the currently sideloaded channel, and then sideload a newer version that I'm working on, my registry info has been wiped out as well! This never used to be a problem!

I can instead use "Replace" to upload a newer version, and the registry info is kept intact, good. But a few years ago I developed the habit of always doing "Delete" first because of a Roku bug that would somehow eat up more memory over time, and eventually would get a "memory full" error which requires a Roku system reboot. Has that bug been fixed? Why clear the registry when deleting a sideloaded channel?

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Roku Guru

Re: In OS 10.5 deleting developer channel (via the installer) clears registry!

I can confirm the old bug STILL EXISTS, and coupled with the new behavior of deleting the associated registry of a deleted sideloaded channel, THIS STINKS!

Roku, please fix one or the other:

- Stop deleting the registry of a sideloaded channel when I delete the channel, or better,

- Fix the dumb memory issue of not being able to "Replace" a sideloaded channel due to memory, even if the replacement is the exact same size.

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