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Level 7

In-Channel Products Not Updating

When we update our in-channel products for a channel in our developer account, it doesn't update on the channel on Roku.  Anyone else have this issue?  Any idea how to resolve?

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Level 9

Re: In-Channel Products Not Updating

This is happening for me as well, but no for all products. For those that don't show up, I have gone in to "edit" the product in the developer account, re-type the product name and save again, and it usually shows up. Extremely annoying.

I don't know if re-typing the name has anything to do with it, but since it worked for me I keep doing that. Maybe it's just the re-saving.

Hope that helps.



Level 8

Re: In-Channel Products Not Updating

I was having the same issues. I followed g-se's response and re-typed the product name and saved and it resolved my problem.  

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