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Implement In-App Purchases in Roku

I want to implement In-App Purchases in my Roku application. I have not found too many docs on this and I found is not working for me. I have read this blog and want to try some things out how's that working and can find my thing what I need from this sample. But I can't try these functions because they will run on the Roku T.V app which is published, so I have also published a non-certified channel from my Roku publisher's account and installed it on my Roku device. But my application exits right after opening and the thing is we cannot see logs of this channel to see where it is breaking.
I have also seen this sample and in this sample what xml components are used can't find about that, can't figure out things clearly. Because I can't test the sample.
Any tool which can I use to debug this issue or if you know any better solution to this please tell me.
I am really stuck on that.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Implement In-App Purchases in Roku

The 2013 blog post is probably not what you should be looking at for this...


For local testing you can turn on "FakeServer" and create some XML files which it'll use for dummy responses:

You can also make real purchases from a locally-installed channel if the ID matches that of a channel you've set "designate for billing testing" on in the Roku dashboard. If you set up test users there too they won't pay real money, and you can invalidate the purchases for repeatable testing. (I've found in the past that the "designate" thing seems to take up to 24h to actually start working, which is frustrating.. If you're sure it should work, give up and do something else for a day then try again.)

[later] ...editing to add, you will only be able to do local testing of purchasing on a device which is associated with the account that owns the channel you're working on. So, not on your personal device if it's your employer's app and not on your employer's account/device if it's their customer's channel/account - even if you have permission to access their dashboard. I had to discover it for myself years ago, maybe it's documented now.

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