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If your channel was rejected...

...after I fix it, do I re-resubmit under the same one that was rejected, or delete it and submit the fixed channel from scratch again? It only had one reason for the rejection, which I fixed. The first time I submitted, it went to the "testing" stage within about four hours and stayed in "testing" for about three days before it was finally rejected. It has now been re-submitted for a day and a half and has not moved to "testing" yet, so, should I delete and re-submit, or, wait? I don't mind waiting, but, was not sure if it is just sitting in "submitted" because no one is checking because I am supposed to delete and re-submit, which I did not do... I re-submitted under the original one with a fixed package. Can anyone confirm to delete or not delete? Thanks.
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Re: If your channel was rejected...

Our channel has moved to the "testing" phase now, thank you.
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