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Questions about ButtonGroup in Scene Graph

Hi All,
Recently I was building a channel containing some buttons, I was trying using
Since I tried to divide the buttons into two lines, so I tried two buttongroup in two lines. like:
button1 button2
button3 button4 button5
Here is my original code in xml:
			        		<ButtonGroup layoutDirection =  "horiz"
addItemSpacingAfterChild = "false"
horizAlignment = "left">
id = "button1"
text = "button1"/>
id = "Button2"
text = "Button2"/>

<ButtonGroup layoutDirection = "horiz" >
id = "Button3"
text = "Button3"/>
id = "Button4"
text = "Button4"/>
id = "Button5"
text = "Button5"/>

How can I remove the auto focus of each of the buttongroup, Because I don't want to have to auto focus at button1 and button3 at the same time.
Here is my working environgment:
Roku2, Roku3, working with Eclipse Mars 2.0 for java developers.
Here is some of my problems:
Since ButtonGroup is extended from LayoutGroup. I found only the attributes from LayoutGroup work, like layoutDirection and addItemSpacingAfterChild. But the attributes in ButtonGroup don't work. Like I was trying to change the color of text, I was trying to change the maxwidth. None of them works.
How can I remove auto focus and use buttongroup correctly?
Can anybody help with this problem?
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Level 7

Re: Questions about ButtonGroup in Scene Graph

I think I found a way to find a way to solve this problem. ... 0#36409030
Thanks for helping.
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