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Ideas to downgrade Vimeo HLS for older models

I'm running into a bit of a unique issue.   I have quite a few customers on Roku 2 XD/XS and older models.  After getting quite a few complaints about videos not working, I got my hands on one and it appears that the device can not handle the video stream at the resolution Vimeo is providing via HLS.

I'm trying to come up with options, so any advice/comments would be appreciated!   This is what I can come up with thus far...

A)  I just put a disclaimer up and stop supporting older devices
B)  I re-upload my entire library at a lower resolution specifically for those devices (which would take months)
C)  I find a way to get Vimeo to only send the 720p version

(And yes, first post with this account... I no longer have access to my RobSMS account because the email is no longer active)
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Re: Ideas to downgrade Vimeo HLS for older models

What tests did you run to conclude it was too high a resolution? For instance, did you try out one of your streams in a sample video player channel? i ask because we usually run into memory issues on these devices and i'm curious if you can free up resources in other parts of your app to get things working.
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