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Level 7

How to toggle between display ads and don't display ads

I'm new to Roku development. I just went through the Build A Channel course (it's like drinking from a firehose). The way he sets up playing videos without ads is totally different from the way he sets up playing videos with ads. I get the RAF stitching, but why the completely different video player setups? Also, I'm trying to set up a toggle between playing ads using the RAF and not playing ads at all. But since the two methods of playing videos are so different, I'm having a hard time. Would someone please help me out? Is there a Github repository that demonstrates how to toggle back and forth? 




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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How to toggle between display ads and don't display ads

Hi @daveevans,

So if you want to use the sample channel without ads, you can run the EpisodesScreen sample from Unit 9. This is the last lesson before ads are implemented in the channel. I don't think you can toggle RAF on/off in Unit 10 - Video Ads.

The reason for the different implementation in this lesson is that the Roku Advertising Framework creates its own video player node for managing the video playlist within a stitched stream and preventing the previously displayed Details Screen from flickering into view between videos. 


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