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AWS Network Error on HLS Files

Hi, I'm running into a problem. I was able to publish a channel, but upon testing my HLS streams are not working. I am able to access via Chrome (with HLS extension) and locally via Quicktime 'Location', using stream:

However, when in Roku or on an HLS tester I get a network error. I have configured my S3 bucket to allow traffic, and I'm not sure if this is a CORS issue or something else. Appreciate any help, I have had no luck in solving the error.


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Re: AWS Network Error on HLS Files

So I just used your video with the VideoListExample, and it played fine. You can also test your video with this just need to update line 23 in the videolistscene.xml file with the URI of your content feed.

This sample uses an XML feed, where each content item is listed using the following format:

<item title="" description="" hdposterurl="" streamformat="hls" url=""/>

For example (I didn't provide a hdposterurl):

<item title="Games" description="Games" hdposterurl="" streamformat="hls" url=""/>

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