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How to redirect user from Roku app to Roku Channel Store

Hello Roku Developers,

I've got a feature in one of Roku apps where in I need to redirect user from Home Screen of my Roku App to Roku Channel Store. I've got a button on Home Screen of my app and user must be redirected to Roku Channel Store when user taps the same button. I've searched a lot over net and also I've gone through Roku SDK documentation but got nothing from there. I want anyone of you to help me out. Please do let me know if it's possible. 

Can we achieve it ? Is it possible to redirect user from Roku App to Roku Channel Store ?

If it's possible, how can we implement it in our Roku app. Any help with some sample code snippet will be highly appreciated. 

Best Regards,
Roku Guru

Re: How to redirect user from Roku app to Roku Channel Store

You can send the Roku to the store to the install screen of a particular in-store application:

Hope it helps!
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