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How to print “@“ Symbol in the XML label node?

We have developed one Roku web app and we want to add the functionality to Make login of user .
In App we will be getting Email address from the user. Which we want to display in xml label node.
We want to set email address suppose “” but it only displays “abc” in the label node.

so how to display “@“ symbol in label node ?
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Binge Watcher

Re: How to print “@“ Symbol in the XML label node?

You could try replacing it with the chr code.  "abc"+chr(64)+"" ?

8.4 Chr (ch As Integer) As String
Performs the inverse of the ASC function: returns a one-character string whose character has the specified ASCII, or control. Example:
print chr(35) 'prints a number-sign #
Using CHR, you can assign quote-marks (normally used as string-delimiters) to strings. The ASCII code for quotes - is 34. So A$=CHR(34) assigns the value " to A$.
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Re: How to print “@“ Symbol in the XML label node?

Hi destruk,

Thanks for the reply.

We have tried the solution you provided but it still not showing "@" character of email address in the XML Label Node (Scene graph).
It successfully prints "@" character on the terminal.[/font]
Please provide any other solution for this scenario.
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Roku Guru

Re: How to print “@“ Symbol in the XML label node?

I don't think your problem is that the Label node does not display the "@" character -- because it does. Most likely, you're not passing an "@" character into the Label node's text field.

Try a simple experiment: create a plain Label node in your Scene, with a hard-coded value containing an "@" character, i.e. not read from your XML and not computed in any way.
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