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How to handle key rotation on Video node?


My team is getting into using a streaming content that contains key rotations, which involves the player prompting for a license request after a certain amount of time. I passed this content metadata onto the player like this

Video Content Used: <Component: roSGNode> =
    change: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
    focusable: false
    focusedChild: <Component: roInvalid>
    id: ""
    DESCRIPTION: "A Sample Description"
    ENCODINGKEY: "{"authorizationToken":"AAAAQAAAAQ4AAABgAAAAGgAAAGEAAAACAAIAAABjAAAACACnNGAAsI4LAAAAcAAAAOQCAQAAAAZl9zCmMBOncb395RxTkCKwLDPjk+wB+5c5WgxHpuabNSmGQiPuGiKEbc2jWnYjw3eUiFEji9l0zGX0+8/lzLVSyXVrLlhBDlP+Tg3E2FvZsfkdXnOZoqcKzyb3HZiJI7nZqA17ooHExXtlObFxtJZuWH5JDriNcu5JR3V36W3leBDcduAqFDD80wqWTZPOt8ZF6r1YfA3WqyvIOS3YpIKvtd24vei4dQFPE1Rh+kh0x/pvXvZoC4A9DPZ3tpG6QiZ5gKAUmrcgwECIGSxzv5O3QDxkniJiP4bHG0QqE9U=","contentID":"AEG_CP/titl1991549010050701/2017-04-08-17-32-55/move1991549010050701/output_tv_dash.ism","contentType":"1","identityCookie":"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","operation":"license","version":"v1"}"
    ENCODINGTYPE: "PlayReadyLicenseAcquisitionAndChallenge"
    HTTPHEADERS: <Component: roArray>
    STREAMFORMAT: "dash"
    TITLE: "Sample Title"
    URL: ""

The content we're dealing with is suppose to prompt for a license request 4hrs after playback starts, and this license url would have a updated authorizationToken value in it. 

As the topic says, how do I handle key rotations in this scenario, without restarting playback? I looked over the Video node doc and there is no specification that lets me observe a field that notifies rights refresh when the time comes, or a field that allows me to update the encoding key for the next rights refresh

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Re: How to handle key rotation on Video node?

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