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Level 7

How to give subtile link to video node.

How can i display subtitles in video node In roku . subtitles are coming from api, how to give subtitle link to video node can you give me the example code for that. It is very helpful for me 

Thanks In Advance.
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Level 10

Re: How to give subtile link to video node. - Closed Caption Fields

That is the roku Wiki SDK site - so bookmark that and you might find it helpful to read everything.
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Level 7

Re: How to give subtile link to video node.

I am using below code not display subtitles even pop up also when click on star button while playing video in full screen mode

videocontent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")
            videocontent.HttpHeaders = headers
            videocontent.title = m.ContentNode_child_object.title
            videocontent.streamformat = "dash"
            subtitle_config = {
                    TrackName: “"
            videocontent.subtitleconfig = subtitle_config
            videocontent.url = “URL” = "play"
   = true
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