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How to expose fields obtained inside screen to main thread for a SignIn component

Hi, I'm trying to create a SignIn component, but once I get username and password from the user in my component I can't "export" them back to the main thread. This is what I'm trying right now:
<component name = "SignInScene" extends = "Scene" >
  <script type = "text/brightscript" >
    sub init()
       m.communicator ="communicator")
       m.communicator.addField("password", "roString", true)
   end sub

    sub onPasswordKeyboardBtnSelected(roEvent)
     if roEvent.getData() = 0 then
        if m.password <> "" and m.password <> invalid then
            m.communicator.setField("password", m.password)
        end if
     end if
    end sub

     <Label id="communicator"/>

Now, in main.brs I have:

   screen = CreateObject("roSGScreen")
   m.port = [i]CreateObject[/i]("roMessagePort")
    scene = screen.CreateScene("SignInScene")
    scene.findNode("communicator").observeField("password", m.port)
     while (true)
        msg = wait(0, m.port)
        msgType = type(msg)
        if msgType = "roSGScreenEvent"
          if msg.isScreenClosed() then return
        end if
      end while

When I set field "password" and I try a `getField` after that I get `invalid`, also nothing is caught in the main thread. Basically what I want is a way to pass login data out of the component. Is this the better approach? What am I doing wrong?

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Re: How to expose fields obtained inside screen to main thread for a SignIn component

I think you're making it more complicated than it needs to be.  Just set the label's text value to the password/username.
  <Label id="password" translation="[0,0]" text="" visible="false" />

password ="password")
password.text = "user's password"

In your main thread:
sg = createObject("roSGScreen")
scene = sg.createScene("SignInScene")
password = scene.findNode("password")
password.observeField("text", m.port)
  msg = wait(0,m.port)
  msgType = type(msg)
  print "msgType: ";msgType

  if msgType = "roSGScreenEvent" then
     if msg.isScreenClosed() then
        print "isScreenClosed"
        exit while
     end if
  else if msgType = "roSGNodeEvent" then
     passwordText = password.text
  end if
end while

I hope that's enough to get the point across.  It may not be the best approach, but it works for me.

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Re: How to expose fields obtained inside screen to main thread for a SignIn component

Hi renojim,[/color]

Thank you so much!!, that worked like a charm, you are the man!. For some reason I had a hard time finding an answer for this, which seems an obvious workflow, Roku samples from the guide are incomplete they show you how to create a keyboard component or a pin dialog but they don't mention how to interact with it, docs are lacking on that area.

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