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How to detect video length or catch event for video finish?

Dear all,

I'm having some trouble figuring out how to get the length of a video being played by a roVideoPlayer *or* catching an event that clearly identifies the video has finished.
I was looking in the development guide ( and I can see that events can be used to detect that "video that has finished playing back" but I cannot find any events for it in the docs?

I also found this answer in the forum stating "there's an event (type 7) that is sent at the start of play and contains the duration of the video. It doesn't seem to be documented, so I'm not sure if it's plumbed all the way up to Brightscript." but I have no idea how to access it / use it?

Any thoughts on how I can do it?

Thank you,
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Re: How to detect video length or catch event for video fini

Oh k, I actually found out how to do it! Smiley Surprised)
The event isFullResult() [] detects when the video ends!
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