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Level 9

How do I set an Observer for Poster.loadStatus?

From the docs ( it states that "loadStatus" is:
"Read-Only - Can be used to track the progress of loading the graphical image file. A typical use of this field is to set an observer so that when the field value changes to ready, an action can be triggered."

I set an observer here on that loadStatus value, but the method is never called.

m.backgroundPoster.ObserveField("loadStatus", backgroundImageProgress)

I'm guessing I'm observing this incorrectly. Any insights?
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Level 10

Re: How do I set an Observer for Poster.loadStatus?

The second parameter of the observeField() method should be a string. Try this instead:
m.backgroundPoster.ObserveField("loadStatus", "backgroundImageProgress")
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Level 9

Re: How do I set an Observer for Poster.loadStatus?

Ugh. You're spot on. Works now. :? :? :? :? :?

Too many languages and syntax floating around in the ol' brain. Thank you.
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