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HTTP Live Streaming w/AES-128 Encyption

I'm unable to get HTTP Live Streaming - where the varient playlist and aes-128 encryption key files are served over HTTPS, and the inner playlists and ts files are served over HTTP - to work on my Roku 2 XD.

More info...
The same HLS urls that I can't get to play on my Roku are viewable on iOS/Android devices.
I am able to play HLS urls on Roku where everything - varient playlist, inner playlists, ts files, encryption keys - are served over HTTP.
I'm not currently using roVideoPlayer's SetCertificatesFile method.
I'm using CloudFront to deliver my video content.

Is HLS over HTTPS using CloudFront possible on Roku? If so, what do I need to adjust in my channel's roVideoPlayer section?

Thanks for your help.
- Andrew
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