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Hello, I just have added <SSLConfig> options to VHost.xml of WowzaServer to setup HTTPS on my streams.
But Roku says: "The format is not supported or the media is corrupt".
At first I have found that there is in playlist.m3u8 was "http://" links instead of "https://".
I have tried to make relative urls instead of full, but it doesn't work with roku even with HTTP.
After it I change protocol prefix of cupertino to "https://", so in the playlists which return Wowza server there is full URLS with "https://" as must be.
But it doesn't work on Roku. I have added certificate to my bundle and https works good with the same roVideoPlayer instance and "mp4" format. But HLS doesn't work. Why it may be yet?
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Level 7

Re: HLS with HTTPS

OK, I have found my problem.
The problem is that my server can change his address sometimes and the attempt to make self-signed certificate with other name not corresponding to domain was failed.
But anyway it is really not cool that Roku doesn't write about problems in certificate if there are.
Thank you.
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