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HLS stream crashes Roku

We're working on developing a Roku channel for one of our clients and are validating that the client's vod HLS stream work on Roku device. Unfortunately, whenever we try to play the HSL streams, the Roku crashes and hard reboots. 

We've looked at the network traffic through Charles Proxy and it looks like Roku pulls in the manifest but crashes when processing it, because it doesn't get to the point where it requests a chunk.

Unfortunately we have no other way to debug this issue, because the Roku crashes before we get any useful callback events. And if the Roku were to survive long enough to give an error callback, the information in those generally tends to be very limited, thereby not adding much to our understanding of what's causing the problem.

What would be the best way to proceed with debugging this?
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Re: HLS stream crashes Roku

I suggest posting here model#, firmware# and URL to (a minimal) HLS example that crashes the player
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Re: HLS stream crashes Roku

Hello EnTerr, problem was resolved by the client, who figured out a problem in the manifests he generated. Thanks!
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