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Gray characters in subtitle rendering?


We're working on getting a VOD app running, using MPEG-DASH video files and SMPTE-TT subtitle files.

Subtitles are working, but characters occasionally render in a broken way. Specifically, a given character is rendered in gray instead of white. See the following:

Here are the corresponding TTML fragments of these instances.
<p begin="00:35:02:20" end="00:35:05:04" region="pop1" style="basic">WATNEY: <span tts:fontStyle="italic">It's time to start</span><br/><span tts:fontStyle="italic">thinking long term.</span></p>

<p begin="00:35:17:18" end="00:35:20:06" region="pop1" style="basic"><span tts:fontStyle="italic">In four years, when the next</span><br/>Ares <span tts:fontStyle="italic">crew arrives,</span></p>

Any idea what's happening?

We're converting into Timed Text using MacCaption from a variety of sources including STL, SCC, SMPTE TT, etc...
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