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RowList Node loses focus


I'm working on a Roku channel app and encountered a problem that I can't seem to be able to fix.

In the app, I have a PanelSet to which I add a ListPanel and another blank panel that I'm not using yet. 
I have a third panel, CategoriesPanel, that contains a RowList node that is created in the init function. This third panel should appear when I press the "right" button while in the ListPanel. 
This is happening and the first row in the RowList is focused. My problem is, when I go back to the ListPanel from the CategoriesPanel and go back to the CategoriesPanel, the RowList is not being focused anymore and the only thing I can do is go back and forth through the slides without being able to access items in the RowList.

I tried forcing the focus on the RowList but that doesn't seem to work:

sub init() = "wide" = true = true = false = false
    m.CategoriesRowList = createObject("roSGNode", "CategoriesRowList") = "rowList"
    m.CategoriesRowList.SetFocus(true)"focusedChild", "focusChange")
end sub
sub focusChange()
    m.CategoriesRowList.jumpToRowItem = [0,0]
end sub  

Am I doing something wrong or should I think of another way to display a RowList when moving to the right in a PanelSet?

Thank you!

EDIT: I managed to fix this. Everything remains the same, except this line "m.CategoriesRowList.jumpToRowItem = [0,0]" from the code above.
The next thing was to do the same thing I did above for my CategoriesRowList component that extends "Group" and that contains a RowList child.

sub init()
    m.RowList ="rowList")"focusedChild", "focusChange")
end sub

sub focusChange()
end sub  

Hope this helps anyone.
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