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Google Analytics missing parameters

I am trying to use Google Analytics in Roku development. This tool can be found here, ... mment-2397

The tool creates a long url with all of the information that will be sent to GA. I am able to find the parameter "UserVal". In GA it is called a "user defined value". My problem is that I can not find any of the other parameters in GA.

I have included two url's the first has variable placeholders and the second is the actual url that is being sent to GA. I have highlight the parts that I would like to show up in GA. Do I need to set it up to receive these values? Is the url formatted incorrectly?

"" + var_utmn+"&utmsr=" +xfer.Escape(m.GATracker.Resolution)+"&utmsc=24-bit&utmul="+xfer.Escape(m.GATracker.Language)+"&utmje=0&utmfl=-&utmdt=" + xfer.Escape(PageTitle)+"&utmhn=" +xfer.Escape(m.GATracker.HostName)+"&utmr=-&utmp="+xfer.Escape(PageURL)+"&utmac=" + m.GATracker.Account+"&utmcc=__utma%3D" +var_cookie+"." + var_random + "." +var_today + "." + var_today + "." +var_today+".2%3B%2B__utmb%3D" +var_cookie+"%3B%2B__utmc%3D" +var_cookie+"%3B%2B__utmz%3D" +var_cookie+"."+var_today+".2.2.utmccn%3D(direct)%7Cutmcsr%3D(direct)%7Cutmcmd%3D(none)%3B%2B__utmv%3D" + var_cookie+"." + xfer.Escape(UserVal) + "%3B"+"&utme=5(" + xfer.Escape(ECategory) + "*" + xfer.Escape(EAction)+"*" + xfer.Escape(ELabel)+ ")(" +xfer.Escape(EValue)+ ")&utmt=event"

GA Tracker: URL - ... l=-&utmdt=For%20Keeps&*Springboard%20view*current%20position)(0)&utmt=event

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any help you can offer.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Google Analytics missing parameters

An easy way to know if a URL is encoded properly is to call GetURL() on your roURLTransfer object and print the result to the console. If the URL you passed to SetURL() was not properly encoded, GetURL() will return an empty string.
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