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Global Caption Setting Not Respected on 5.3

In working with the new caption settings in our app, we have noticed that on 5.3 firmware builds, the global caption settings are not respected once they have been changed.

Steps to reproduce:
- notice global captions settings set to Instant Replay by default
- play content normally, notice no captions are displayed as expected
- change global caption setting to Off
- play content
Expected results:
- no captions are displayed
Actual results:
- captions are displayed

Our roVideoScreen does not set ShowSubtitles as the blog post ( ... evelopers/) says that we should not do so. We do however print out the global caption setting and it is printing out the correct value, this value is just not being respected by the player.

When this is tested with 5.4 firmware, this issue does not occur, the global caption setting is respected by the player. Is this a bug in 5.3?
We have tested on firmware 5.3 builds 3063 and 4016 (both fail), and also 5.4 build 297 (pass).
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Re: Global Caption Setting Not Respected on 5.3

What type of captions are you using, and how are they being loaded? For the 5.3 firmware, side loaded captions do require that you call ShowSubtitle() and or ShowSubtitleOnReplay() as well as setting the caption URL metadata value. This is being addressed in a future firmware update. I've also updated the blog posting to reflect this info.
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Re: Global Caption Setting Not Respected on 5.3

It does not matter if you turn them ON or OFF.. THEY ALWAYS ARE ON AND ON FOR EVERY APP! These global captions over ride any caption settings you have on Amazon or Netlflix now. I am writing this in 2019. but worse your Roku captions have now turned into being unreadable. Unuseable fonts! If you were to override the other apps captions then.. it might not be so worthless had yours been workable! but yours are see thru. Transparent. The image on the screen covers the letters. Ridiculous. I call this plain and simply careless and discrimination. People depend on the captions and you don't care.

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Re: Global Caption Setting Not Respected on 5.3

My old Rokus allow background to be set to opaque

And they still function globally. 


The Expresst + I bought through an upgrade promotion failed to override channel captions, so I went back to my old Roku. 

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