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Giving my TVersity MP3 player for Roku DVP to the community


Finally I was able to modify the original AudioPlayer example to connect to my TVersity server, to browse folders and to play MP3 songs individually or all of the songs in a given folder.

I would like to share it with the Roku community. It is not fancy but will allow to play your audio collections in the Roku DVP from a TVersity media server in your home. I am giving it As Is and with no support. If you make improvements to it please let the community know them.

You can donwload the zip file from:

In order to configure it for your TVersity media server you have to modify the DoMp3() function in the file Mp3.brs provided in the TAR file: set the variable rootTVersityUrl with the IP address of the PC of the TVersity host and the path to the feed you want to start from.

To get that path open TVersity from a web browser and follows an example of how I got the feed path to my MyMusic folder:

Go to Folders and from there to MyMusic folder and click on the feed icon in the top left corner. This is the 4th icon from left to right.

Copy from the URL text box in your web browser the path to the feed and use it to modify DoMp3() as explained before.

If you add later new folders in your MyMusic folder you just need to ask TVersity to update the folder. Nothing else will need to be done in your Roku DVP. You will be able to browse in the new folders.

If you try to play a file that is not MP3 the application is protected and basically will skip the play of that file.

The GUI is very simple and I am not showing pictures of the albums but it works fine as far as I know.

Please let me know if it works for you and hope you enjoy it!

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Change the count parameter in the feed path to 0

I forgot to mention that when you get the TVersity feed path from your browser to your root media file and paste it in DoMp3() function you have to change the value of parameter count= to 0. That will alllow you to see all of the folders contained in the root folder in your Rokue.
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Re: Giving my TVersity MP3 player for Roku DVP to the community

What a great community sprit you have. Well done. |
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Re: Giving my TVersity MP3 player for Roku DVP to the community

Nice, thanks for posting. I expect that there will be several of these "local media" applications. I opened the app zip file and tried to rebuild it, but it was not exactly packaged as such, I think this is the "" file? I think the "Archive" zip file is the file that needs distributed?? I guess it depends on your purpose 😉

Some feedback...

--home screen
- The home screen icon is a little "jaggy" .. not sure if its being expanded from a smaller image or something? I am sure that this is mostly a functionality test and this will be replaced later, take a look at Revision3's logo for an example of smooth lines. (Maybe icon size?)
*EDIT: I might be wrong about this, I forget that I have my roku plugged into a 1920x1200 monitor, so it might just be me 🙂

- "Sample" (description in manifest file)

-- first screen -- categories -- I think the "type" needs changed here, or maybe this screen needs to be skipped?

-- Maybe think about adding a "settings" screen that opens a keyboard to type a hostname/IP address... look at bcl's homevideo player. I think it would be good to try to avoid having to change the code.

After that, I don't have anything as I don't have a TVersity server 🙂

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