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Getting started/finding templates

I am having a hard time finding a template for a channel. From what I gather from forums they are available but I cant find them. I also read that they are in eclipse but I cant figure out where they are. All I really want is the code for the basic structure I don't need it packaged up for me. I am new to this so any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.
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Level 8

Re: Getting started/finding templates

We don't really have "templates" but we have examples, they are all zipped up and downloadable from

newer versions of many of those files can be downloaded from

Most roku channels are based off the examples we have.

- Joel
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Re: Getting started/finding templates

"lock_4815162342" wrote:
I also read that they are in eclipse but I cant figure out where they are.

From the Eclipse plugin guide in the SDK docs ( ), in the section titled: 2.0 Run the BrightScript Plugin:

"Open the BrightScript Perspective by selecting Window->Open Perspective->Other… "

along with:

"If you select File->New->BrightScript Project you can bring up the new project wizard and select from a few sample project templates on which to base your project"

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