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Binge Watcher

Getting image in bytes and wanted to display on channel's HDPoster as jpeg image

I'm getting the following request from postman for the Poster image of my channel.

Postman RequestPostman Request

I do research and found that the image I'm getting is in byteArray/roBitmap and I have to display it in Poster Image by parsing it from JSON. How do i can parse and get its link to show it on HDposter ?

'The Following is the code to get responce,
response = fetch({ url: + "/" + + "/poster?w=100&h=100", timeout: 30000, method: "GET", headers: { "X-API-TOKEN": "c1cf45d8-73de-4467-9d33-802b00d27ed9" } }) if response.ok _response = response.json() ? _response end if
'The following is the fetch function to parse image from JSON
function fetch(options) timeout = options.timeout if timeout = invalid then timeout = 30000 response = invalid port = CreateObject("roMessagePort") request = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer") request.SetCertificatesFile("common:/certs/ca-bundle.crt") request.InitClientCertificates() request.RetainBodyOnError(true) request.SetMinimumTransferRate(1, 60) request.SetMessagePort(port) if options.headers <> invalid for each header in options.headers val = options.headers[header] if val <> invalid then request.addHeader(header, val) end for end if if options.method <> invalid request.setRequest(options.method) end if request.SetUrl(options.url) requestSent = invalid if options.body <> invalid requestSent = request.AsyncPostFromString(options.body) else requestSent = request.AsyncGetToString() end if if (requestSent) ? requestSent msg = Wait(timeout, port) status = - 999 body = "(TIMEOUT)" headers = {} if (Type(msg) = "roUrlEvent") status = msg.GetResponseCode() headersArray = msg.GetResponseHeadersArray() for each headerObj in headersArray for each headerName in headerObj val = { value: headerObj[headerName] next: invalid } current = headers[headerName] if current <> invalid prev = current while current <> invalid prev = current current = end while = val else headers[headerName] = val end if end for end for body = msg.GetString() if status < 0 then body = msg.GetFailureReason() end if response = { _body: body, status: status, ok: (status >= 200 and status < 300), headers: headers, text: function() return m._body end function , json: function() return ParseJson(m._body) end function , xml: function() if m._body = invalid then return invalid xml = CreateObject("roXMLElement") if not xml.Parse(m._body) then return invalid return xml end function } end if return response end function


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