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Level 7

Genkey problem

Hi I am trying to upload a private channel and I was going through the SDK doc's and it states to get this to use the console utility that generates the RSA keys required for packaging. The “genkey” utility will generate a set of Keys, Password and DevID necessary for encrypting your application.
When I go to telnet <rokuPlayer-ip-address> 8080 I dont get the results that is shown in the example I just get 12 digit alpha number. can someone tell me how to get the password and devID

I am using a 3100X ROKU box and
software verision 4.1 build 2669

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Level 8

Re: Genkey problem

The 12 character string is your serial number, which is printed at the start of the telnet session. You should then see a > prompt. You should type "genkey" at the prompt to start the genkey process.

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