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Roku Guru

Games order reversed in Store!

Today's WTF: the world has turned upside-down in the Channel Store category "Games", apparently. That seems to be a step towards fixing the haphazard order in which games were shown there (reminder, it was not by popularity for any definition of the word). Today when i look at the games order in the player's store though, that have changed and now they seem sorted by unpopularity, i.e. on top are the most esoteric ones and at the very end are the ones with most downloads. Here are couple of screenshots:

Note on top are 3 game packs, which one could expect to not be particularly hot - but even more telling are "Play Hangman" and "Demantur" underneath, which have 0 (zero!) ratings each. What that means in practical terms is there are less than 100 installs of each in the known universe.

On the other hand, the most popular games are now at the bottom of the barrel (the last 3 have over 100,000 deployments each😞

What's going on, @Roku?! Seems we are getting close, maybe just reverse this order and that's the solution?
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