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Fullscreen by pressing OK

I am using Custom Video Player and I want the Video to Fullscreen when I push the "OK" button, instead of the "DOWN" button.

'If the <UP> key is pressed, jump out of this context:
else if msg.isRemoteKeyPressed()
index = msg.GetIndex()
print "Remote button pressed: " + index.tostr()
if index = 2 '<UP>
else if index = 3 '<OK> (toggle fullscreen)
if m.paint = PaintFullscreenCanvas
m.setup = SetupFramedCanvas
m.paint = PaintFramedCanvas
rect = m.layout.left
m.setup = SetupFullscreenCanvas
m.paint = PaintFullscreenCanvas
rect = { x:0, y:0, w:0, h:0 } 'fullscreen
m.player.SetDestinationRect(0, 0, 0, 0) 'fullscreen
end if
else if index = 4 or index = 8 '<LEFT> or <REV>
m.position = m.position - 60
m.player.Seek(m.position * 1000)
else if index = 5 or index = 9 '<RIGHT> or <FWD>
m.position = m.position + 60
m.player.Seek(m.position * 1000)
else if index = 13 '<PAUSE/PLAY>
if m.paused m.player.Resume() else m.player.Pause()
end if

Can anyone help, when I type <OK> inside where <DOWN> is, it doesn't even load the ZIP.
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Re: Fullscreen by pressing OK

An apostrophe " ' " is the same as a REM statement - it tells the compiler to ignore the rest of the line.
So changing ' <DOWN> to ' <OK> won't accomplish anything

However, the Down button is 3, the OK button is 6, so if you change the =3 to =6 then it will look for the ok button press.

If you remove the apostraphe itself, the compiler will not understand what the comment means -- <OK> isn't a valid keyword or variable or statement/routine.
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