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Full WideScreen ?????

HI ,

I am new in Roku developing and tested the channel creation from the examples in the SDK and used the "Simple Video Player" example in zip folder

changed the URL to my live streaming HLS link ( Coming from Wowza server )

and things sort of work fine .. except I am lost in making the video show a REAL full screen ..

Always there is black area in left and right sides of the screen ..

and donot know if it is m3u8 file format ( tried to create a smil file with data with no use )

so can you guide me a little in here ?? ( with full example please Smiley Happy )
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Full WideScreen ?????

Typically this is a matter of how the video was encoded in the first place, make sure your video has a wide screen aspect ratio on your encoder. First though, make sure your device is either in HDTV mode or in SDTV 16:9 mode, and double check that your TV is set to the proper mode for wide screen video. Different TVs handle it differently, for example, my Vizio adapts correctly to whatever mode my Roku is in without my having to change anything, but others (including the same brand) require manual changes to work in the correct mode.

- Joel
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