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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: First channel ready to submit?

There are still 3.x devices to be had, eBay, Amazon... we are currently digging around our inventory to see if we still have any we can sell to developers. I highly recommend, if you are a developer, that you get one.

If you can find a 2100x, even better, as they have enough RAM to hold lots and lots of channels (so if you link it to your account with your 2 XS you'll get pretty much the same channel lineup), plus it has a USB port.

- Joel
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Re: First channel ready to submit?

"johnclayton" wrote:
TWiT actually provides a wiki page with all the information needed to make TWiT apps, so I'd be surprised if there were any issues. It includes both the logos and stream information. And as OddScott pointed out the episodes are licensed under Creative Commons. I could add a legal or about page, but seeing that I'm not claiming the content as my own I don't believe that is necessary.

Well, then.. there you go Smiley Happy
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Re: First channel ready to submit?

I'm just saying, in my own opinion, if your channel is better than the official or existing channel, then you should probably send your changes to them to implement, otherwise it'll invite other people to make 20 channels with the same content to choose from.
I'd just rather see something 'new' than repeats of already existing free to view stuff. But of course, this is up to roku. As far as creative commons/public domain/free videos of all shapes and sizes, what do you think would happen if roku had to create another category for those entirely in the channel store with thousands of channels for the same Big Buck Bunny video offering?
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