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Reel Rookie

Fine control of YouTube playback.

I've recently started experimenting with Roku and ECP.  It's a neat concept, and I think it has a lot of potenetial.  However, I'm stuck trying to find information concerning fine control of apps such as YouTube.  For instance, I know it's possible to send a keypress/right command and that will essentially "fast forward" (kind of a very loose usage of that term) the video being played.  What I'd like to do is to be able to position playback at a specific location to do things like advance the frame one by one.  Any ideas on how this level of control can be achieved?

I've also seen that there is an "input" command available, however this seems to be very application specific.  Virtually no information is available regarding how to use this command with the YouTube app.

Just curious.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Fine control of YouTube playback.

I don't think what you'd like to do is possible.  The video player (that every app uses) doesn't provide frame by frame movement (I wish it did).  As for input, developers of the app can pretty much do whatever they want with what's received if they even support roInput at all.  You'd need inside information from the app's developer and I doubt you'd ever get that.  I think about all you'll be able to accomplish is duplicating one of the many Roku remote apps that are out there, but it is fun to play with ECP.  I use it to control my own music app when sitting at my computer.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Fine control of YouTube playback.

That's what I figured might be the case.  I've been sniffing the network using WireShark to see if it revealed anything, but so far nothing.  I imagine you're correct regarding the Input command, but hey... if anyone has knowledge of YouTube's inner workings regarding the input command, please feel free to share if you can.

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