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Level 7

Feature request: native JSON parser

I know that this has been discussed in various threads, but I didn't find a formal feature request so I thought I'd add one.

A native JSON parser in the Roku would be really great.
XML is versatile, and all, but it's incredibly big "on the wire" and a pain in the neck to parse, event with the built-in support.
I do a lot of web work with lots of AJAXy functionality and always use JSON instead of XML (I guess that makes it AJAJ).

I'm currently working on a channel for a client and their video host prefers to deliver metadata in JSON and discourages the use of XML.

Just saying...

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Level 8

Re: Feature request: native JSON parser

Absolutely this would be a huge help - so many APIs use JSON only these days.

Also a native HTML parser would also be a major improvement.

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