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[Feature Request] Video | DRM | error HTTP response body

A typical video error due to DRM failing will provide the snippet below (excuse the emojis).

We can tell that the request to the DRM server returned with a HTTP status code of 403. But we don’t have access the body of the response, which would indicate the exact reason, given by the DRM server, why the request failed.

As a result we cannot separate HTTP errors with the same response code. Like failed concurrency checks, revoked certificates, failed security level or policy restrictions.

video.errorcode = -6
video.errorinfo = {
  "category": "drm",
  "clipid": 0,
  "dbgmsg": "buffer:loop:demux:DRM exception: Http error 403:extra:clip_id:0:source:buffer:loop:demux",
  "errcode": 0,
  "ignored": false,
  "source": "buffer:loop:demux"
video.errormsg = "Protected content license error.",
video.errorstr = "buffer:loop:demux:DRM exception: Http error 403:extra:clip_id:0:source:buffer:loop:demux"