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Roku Guru

Facing issue with the setup Schedule My Channel Release

I tried to upload a My channel in the channel Store.

I performed the following action :

First, I goto => Static Analysis Tab => I performed Static analysis and clicked the run button => I wait for 10-15 Min. It's not working

Then, I goto => Certificate Testing => I performed Certification Testing. then goto => Static Analysis Tab => After, It's Worked.

Here, I'm not found any error with static analysis. but, In certificate testing. it's Found two errors like below.


  1. Facing linking is not Compulsory. I guess. Right?
  2. Channel Content Play Performance criteria are below :
    1. 3.6 Content starts playing within 8 seconds of initiation on the Roku Streaming Stick+ (Amarillo-2019 3810X) or 10 seconds on the Roku Express (Littlefield 37XXX). If your channel is using the Roku video player, the Roku OS automatically fires beacons to measure and record the video start time; therefore, no additional implementation work for your application is required. If your channel is using a custom video player, your application must fire the video start beacons.

For the Second Criteria, I used By Default Roku Player. So, It does not need to set any beacon at the player Right?

Does anyone know Why I'm not able to setup Schedule My Channel Release? or Can anyone guide me How I Move Forward?

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Roku Guru

Re: Facing issue with the setup Schedule My Channel Release

Any update on this issue

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