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External Login Validation (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

I'm usually pretty good at finding these things on Google, StackOverflow, here, etc.  but maybe I'm not describing it properly in my search terms.  In short here's what we're trying to do....

We have members of our cross fit gym who pay for custom video workouts and information to help them achieve their fitness goals.  This is all managed at the "local/gym" level database, complete with username/email and passwords.  Now we would like to offer these through a Roku channel.

1.  User goes to the channel.
2.  Clicks on "I'm already a member"
3.  Allows them to use their current username/password
4.  After validation, we send back a JSON list of videos which are linked up to their account.  Each member's list may be different.

Is this possible and if so, what in the SDK should I be calling/researching to make this happen?
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Re: External Login Validation (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

So...of soon as I post the question, I find what I think is the answer here:

If I'm reading this correctly, this is the new way developers must register and validate via the rendezvous (just discovered that was the term I had been missing) login authentication.  So to confirm from someone who knows this better than me:

1.  Validate they have a valid roku account and logs in accordingly.
2.  Send the email associated with roku to our API which will make sure they have a valid membership

Sooooooooo then is it possible for us to create a "My Custom Workout Videos" section and then when they click on it...have it go to our API and retrieve the appropriate JSON which may have one or many videos for them to click on and watch?
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