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Re: External Control of Netflix channel?

This JS template code may be handy for hacking:

* deviceIP: IP address of a Roku on your local network with MOG installed.
* tracks: array of MOG track IDs. You can get these back from
* EchoNest APIs or look around on for them, for example by
* using the search function.
function MOGRoku(deviceIP,tracks){
var productionProgramID = "2049"; // if you're using a production MOG build
var programID = productionProgramID; // set which one you're using by modifying this

var form = document.createElement("form");
form.method = "post";
form.action = "http://"+deviceIP+":8060/launch/"+programID+"?trackIDs="+tracks.join("+");

$(document).ready(function() {
MOGRoku("",$("input#trackIDs").val().split(" "));
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Level 7

Re: External Control of Netflix channel?

thanks for the info gonzotek, and I'm glad you have gotten some use out of the extension! the app ID for the official channel looks to be 2136, higher than the beta channel's one which was 2049. do you get a new app ID when you release a new version? I put in a box for setting the app ID in the options in case that's true. I'm going to push the extension out to the main forum and see if there's any interest in it.
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Re: External Control of Netflix channel?

He would get a new app id if his beta channel is a different channel than is published channel.

The app ids are set when the channel is created and different versions of that app have an "_xx" appended.

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