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Exporting App from Eclipse

I have recently started using Eclipse for my roku app. I have imported a zip and it loads all the file. When I export in Eclipse the app loads and it just sits at retrieving. Yet I can upload the same zip file to the Roku and it loads fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
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Re: Exporting App from Eclipse

I'm not aware of any issue like this that's caused by using the Eclipse plugin, but I'd be happy to help you track down the problem.
I've sent you a PM with some suggested first steps.
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Re: Exporting App from Eclipse

An FYI for inquiring minds...

The problem in this case was that the OP didn't notice that the Eclipse BrightScript Deployment (export) wizard does not automatically select all the files in a project... and, there was a data file (a .opml) required by his code to function correctly.

Please note, the Eclipse BrightScript Deployment (export) wizard will only automatically select the following well-known file types:


and the special files at the top level and each valid locale sub-folder:

Any files you manually selected in previous runs of the wizard will also be selected in subsequent runs until you de-select them.

If anyone has suggestions for other file types that you think are common enough to BrightScript projects that they should be automatically included by the deployment wizard, please let me know.

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