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Error on examples install

I'm attempting to install the MRSSTEMPLATE example - and when I do from the debugger I get the following error:

ERROR compiling /pkg:/source/generalUtils.brs:
SUB or Fuction defined twice. (compile error &had) in ../pkg:/source/generalUtils.brs(96)

Now - I'm kinda a noob at ROKU development and have only been doing it a few if I'm wrong in my supposition let me know...

Line 96 of GeneralUtils.brs is the following function:

Function isxmlelement(obj as dynamic) As Boolean
if obj = invalid return false
if GetInterface(obj, "ifXMLElement") = invalid return false
return true
End Function

I'm assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that it's saying function isxmlelement is duplicated? I can't find another declaration of that function anywhere in any of the files.

Am I misreading this? And if so - what's the problem? 🙂

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Error on examples install

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