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Error message when adding channel

I am trying to add a channel through the ROKU developer page and I keep getting the same error message which is;
Changes could not be saved. If the problem persists, please exit and restart your browser, then try again.
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Adding Channel Errors

I got this several times when I tried to wrap the files using zip straight through.

When I switched to using the makefile system it worked fine.

I was doing this through Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) so I chokked it up to that.

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I will try. Thanks.
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Re: Error message when adding channel

It is important to maintain the proper file layout in your zip file, otherwise your zip will not load properly.

The root level of the zip must include a manifest file, and images and source directories like so:

manifest images source

A common problem when creating the zip is including a top-level directory in the root of the zip like this:

manifest images source

Please be sure to double check your zip file layout on zips that fail to load.

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Roku Guru

Re: Error message when adding channel

Just a followup, a bad zip file format also can be the cause of that error message on the screen when trying to load the channel store (I forgot it exactly, but something about the channel cannot be installed at this time). This can be discovered through the debug console.
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Re: Error message when adding channel

I'm developing our channel on my Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 machines. I manually run the zip command outlined in the makefile from the example channels.

On Mac OS X, I go into Terminal and navigate to the folder that contains my manifest file, images directory and source directory. Then I type in the following:

zip -9 -r .

On Mac OS X that . at the end is necessary. I've had no problems since figuring that out. 🙂

Windows is hit or miss as it depends on which zip utility you have installed.
Brian DeWitt
e. brian@thehighwaygirl
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