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Roku Guru

ECP /sleep/screensaver_id ?

I start wishing for a way to start a screensaver via ECP command. Something like /launch, except `launch` runs the RunUserInterface()/main() function and i wish for a way to reach RunScreenSaver(). Credit due - i looked and seems i am not the first, RenoJim has already asked:
"renojim" wrote:
Adding the ability to launch any screensaver via ECP might be a nice addition. I don't know how many people would use it, but I know I've wished I could send my box to screensaver immediately on a few occasions.

So i imagine something like
to summon the "Power Saver" screen saver.

There are a few beneficial uses to such feature -
  • like an app calling the above power-saver to turn off RokuTV backlight, while it continues to do its due in the background

  • in a family/bundle of apps, not all would have to provide a SS - instead the rest could "delegate" the SS function only one of them, the others invoking its SS over ECP. Somewhat contrived example, i admit.

  • in my particular case, i am working on a utility SS of sorts, which when invoked (as a system-wide SS) will do something quick and after that, it's done and can exit, chaining/delegating the rest of the sleep to another SS (for which exactly, i can add selection dialog in my SS Settings)

For my purpose, if this was possible - i would have like a perfect planetary alignment, all the other APIs are already available.
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Roku Guru

Re: ECP /sleep/screensaver_id ?

Any thoughts, @Roku* ?
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