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Roku Guru

ECP /query/device-info oddities

There is a new command which i imagine is the answer to years of prayers to be able to check the firmware version via ECP. Plus bunch of stuff nobody asked about. Plus regurgitation of info readily available from the UPnP descriptor at /. Because, why not.

Couple of oddities (bugs?) though:
  1. rOS 7.1 shows as 7.10

  2. <serial-number/> and <device-id/> look very much alike but show different things on a RokuTV. I guess i don't grasp what's the difference between the two?
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Channel Surfer

Re: ECP /query/device-info oddities

I also noticed "upgrading to version 7.10..." during the upgrade process. The user device string also comes back with "Roku/DVP-7.10".

I think this is an error, especially given some other stuff I've seen in our roku device strings (Leaving details out on purpose). 😛
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Roku Guru

Re: ECP /query/device-info oddities

I have been over such a quandary before, for another product. What's important here is keeping "monotonicity"^ - at least in the long term, meaning the Co to make their minds within next month or two if 7.1 should be "7.10" or "7.01".

The other concern is consistency between different places. My Settings > System > About currently says "version 7.1.0 build 4055-11", where
BrightScript Debugger> ? CreateObject("roDeviceInfo").getVersion()

Per RTFM that's version of "7.10" and build "4055". Per @adamkaz the http user agent is "7.10" too. To this About showing minor as ".1" instead of ".10" and the addition of a 3rd version component ".0" seems a WTF moment.

(^) either as a number or as a string (lexicographically). i.e. "preserve the order", later versions of the firmware should return "bigger" in some sense version, so checking requirements is a sane process. Of note, if the major version number ever goes over 1-digit length, the difference between numeric and lexicographic comparisons becomes important. It doesn't matter re the minor version - (brick&mortar) libraries' Dewey Decimal System allows them to always insert one more version between two already existing ones (since between any two rational numbers there is infinitely many more)
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