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DynamicKeyboard fields domain and voiceEntryType setting not working

I am trying to implement new voice input support in sign in and sign up using DynamicKeyboard and voiceTextEditBox.

m.keyboardComponent = m.context.findNode("keyboardCpt")
m.keyboardComponent.textEditBox.voiceEnabled = true
m.keyboardComponent.textEditBox.voiceEntryType = "email"
m.keyboardComponent.domain = "email"
Setting this domain field and voiceEntryType based on my email and password keyboard is not working. It is always showing those fields as Invalid. 
I used the Roku OS 10.0 and also tested in 10.5 OS that is released recently. Both same issue. 
Can anyone check and report back is there problem with the SDK or it is working for anyone.
Thanks & Regards,
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