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Does game remote have a gyro?

Do game remotes for Roku have a gyroscope?

The only info on what sensors are inside a gaming remote i have seen in a marketing blurb circa 2011. saying there is both an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

I see accelerometer readings are exposed in Marmalade SDK. What about the gyro ones?

PS. On a side note, what are good examples of games using the motion sensor, besides the dearly departed Angry Birds? In the birds, the control of the sling was somewhat wonky and the screen pointer was just awful. I found Wii remote being the same, so things that require "steady hand" of the cursor won't be in the cards - but have there be other apps released for Roku that mage good use of the motion sensor?
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Re: Does game remote have a gyro? ... u-2-xs/38/

I don't think there have been any games on the roku that use the accelerometer other than a few mobile phone games, which kind of use the motion remote as a bad substitute for a touch screen (like angry birds)

if they could get some of the smaller old indy wii games that were built for that kind of remote, it could be very good. or if they would just open a handle to the control up to BS, that would be even better.

I don't expect either of those will happen, and the game remote, as it is now, really has no reason to exist and will soon be removed from future models (imo of course).
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Re: Does game remote have a gyro?

Roku* - any info on whether there is a gyro* inside the "game enhanced" remotes - and is it accessible?

Also, is there any difference between BT and WiFi Direct remotes - as far as motion programming is concerned?

PS. (*) i meant gyroscope, not the Greek sandwich or gyrocopter
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