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Digital Media Player - PosterScreen Text List?

I'm looking to create a list of clickable items via a posterscreen. There appears to be an example of this in the mockup tool pps, depicting radio stations.. I can't seem to find out where to do this in the docs. I'm thinking it would be a display style, but it could be something different entirely. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone in advance.
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Re: Digital Media Player - PosterScreen Text List?

I also would very much like to have access to a way to have a clickable list of items. My desire is to be able to list movies and series in a list, etc, scroll up and down and select items that way. In particular, I am not looking at having an image to go with each list item, so the existing posterscreens does not really reflect what I want.
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Re: Digital Media Player - PosterScreen Text List?

This screen type is not currently available. We will look at adding it in a future release.

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