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Streaming Web Radio Player

Anyone have any ideas how to stream a web-radio station.

The protocols they use are outside of my realm of knowledge, and what I have been able to find through the Google have not gotten me on firm footing to start learning about them.

Are there any standards that they typically use. Presumably I will need a tool to convert the stream to an MP3 format that the Roku can use.

If someone could show me a path to start down, and maybe leave a few breadcrumbs, I think I can take it from there. I have a deep and shameful desire to listen to my beloved without futzing with the computer and cables.

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Level 9

Re: Streaming Web Radio Player

The audioapp example shows live streaming of NPR. I modified that and added some other stations like KCRW, KROQ, CBC, Indie 103, etc.

I used URLSnooper2 to get the stream's URL. Sometimes those were in the form of playlists like (eg. www, (that's made up).

I imagine I could open that with a text editor, but I'd just double click on it in URLSnooper and it'd launch in iTunes -- then I'd grab the true URL.

The only issue I ever had was that sometime it would take a good 10 seconds before the audio would start playing.

ETA: I only added streams that were in compatible formats. Some station stream through flash.
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