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Devices compatibility (Roku generations)


If we will just download the SDK and develop the video streaming (VoD) application, what will be the device compatibility?

Should we target only 3rd generation or also older devices like e.g. Roku 2 XS (3100) (2nd generation) or the application will be compatible even with devices like Roku XDS (2100) (1st generation)?

I saw in documentation ( that 2nd and 3rd generation are referenced as „current models“, while 1st generation as „classic models“, so I suggest there should not be a problem supporting 2nd and 3rd generation of devices, while for older devices we might need to make some compromises (e.g. in screen layouts, supported video stream format, video container, codec, DRM...)

What is a typical approach?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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