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Reel Rookie

Device not responding to ping.

I have created a simple 'hello world' style Roku app and it builds and installs just fine. However, when I try to view the channel, it does not invoke the screen I've set after splash, and when I try to run make run or make install I always get ERROR: Device not responding to ping.

Looking at the makefile, I think this is the error:

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# CHECK_ROKU_DEV_TARGET is used to check if ROKU_DEV_TARGET refers a
# Roku device on the network that has an enabled developer web server.
# If the target doesn't exist or doesn't have an enabled web server
# the connection should fail.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    if [ -z "$(ROKU_DEV_TARGET)" ]; then \
        echo "ERROR: ROKU_DEV_TARGET is not set."; \
        exit 1; \
    echo "Checking dev server at $(ROKU_DEV_TARGET)..."

    # first check if the device is on the network via a quick ping
        ( \
            echo "ERROR: Device is not responding to ping."; \
            exit 1 \

I should note that I have set the ROKU_DEV_TARGET and it is available via echo. I can also connect to the device using the IP that returns. I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.

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