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Re: Developing rich UI contents

What models of Roku have you tested it on? The slowest supported Rokus now are the 2450 and 2500, with the next-slowest being the 2700/2710/2720
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Re: Developing rich UI contents

I am testing on the 2710.
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Re: Developing rich UI contents

"belltown" wrote:
I just looked through all the channels I have installed to see which ones use roScreen. Retaliate is a game, which is perfectly suited to roScreen; CBS News uses roScreen in a limited way (their live stream uses it, but most of the channel seems to use built-in components); Roku Recommends was written using roScreen and is a perfect example of how bad a channel can look (at least on my SD TV) when you decide to move away from using the built-in components (text fonts that are too small to read in places, images that don't fit on the screen, lack of on-screen pause/play icons, etc. on the video screen, a completely black screen when the screen-saver kicks in, a non-standard navigation scheme, etc, etc); and Newsy, which also uses roScreen entirely and, unlike Roku Recommends, seems to have a sensible UI, color scheme, image layout, font size, etc., (but still doesn't implement a screen saver, and suffers from weird scrolling issues on my 2XS such as scrolling the images too fast to be of any use when the up/down keys are held).

For every one of the roScreen-based channels I have installed right now, in the past I've installed dozens of other roScreen channels, tried them out for a while then deleted them shortly thereafter as they seemed like utter garbage, sometimes from a content perspective, but often as a result of trying to implement a UI using roScreen and doing a very poor job. Sorry, 'Roku Recommends', you're gone too now.

Hmmm, yeah. I have to agree - "Roku Recommends" is a... well, it is a "floater" of an app and "Float Left Interactive" should be embarrassed about producing it. Maybe Roku Inc too, for putting their name on it - or dog forbid, paying for such err, product. The UX is miserable.

I was actually looking today for posts that discuss this R.R. and this was the one i found. The reason - i noticed on my Roku-3 it shows the "Play on Roku" poster for "Roku Recommends", like so:

It is the R.R. app when started, not PoR. Anybody else has seen this? The wrong (?) icon persists past player restart, when i believe image cache is flushed. Same account, my other players however show the purple logo "Roku Recommends" instead. Roku remote app shows the correct icon. All i can think of is that either R.R. has the wrong icon associated server-side for Roku3 players somehow (if that's possible even) or that the firmware (6.2.3672 since 9/3) has an issue.

PS. related or not - but #41922 (vanity code "rokurecommends") apparently is a private channel. It won't show in store using RokuCo's blog provided link ... recommends
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