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Determine minimum version for an app?

I just developed an app on a Roku 3 running the latest firmware, but someone in my company has an original Roku running firmware 3.1 and says the channel crashes as soon as it's launched.

Without access to an original Roku 1 (which I would presumably be able to telnet into and see the error), is there any way to determine what the minimum version I should set is? For example, it would be nice if it was indicated that certain code I'm using is only available in a certain firmware version w/o actually having to check each function I've used against the SDK notes.
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Re: Determine minimum version for an app?

The original roku series is capped out at firmware 3.1 (for now). Everything else is on v5+.
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Re: Determine minimum version for an app?

I understand that, but I'm asking for a practical way to determine what minimum version my code is compatible with other than looking up each function call and comparing SDK notes.
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Re: Determine minimum version for an app?

Well, no.

Incompatibles are pretty much everything new in the SDK except ParseJSON and SetupBehaviorAtTopRow for roListScreen (in 3.1 firmware update released last month).

For example:
all the new Subtitle functions for roScreen
RetainBodyOnError in roURLTransfer

Also for 3.1 firmware, roURLTransfer and roScreen, you must use SetPort instead of setMessagePort - this is forward compatible with newer firmware as well. Only for those components, for the rest, use SetMessagePort.

- Joel
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