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Detecting if the Closed Caption Menu is Opened

Hi everyone,

I'm dealing with an issue that affects lower end Rokus only (I can reproduce on a Roku Stick), and the Closed Caption dialog in a Video Component.

1) Video Playback starts.
2) Show the closed captions dialog
3) Press Back.

Expected: Closed Caption Dialog is dismissed and playback continues.  This occurs on Roku Premiere+ as we don't get the back key press when the options menu is opened.
Actual: We get a back key press and we exit the player.

I'm trying to find a way to ignore the back key press if the CC options dialog is visible, but so far I've been unsuccessful at finding a way to know that the dialog is opened.
I've tried looking at these options:
1) I tried to listen for key events to see if I could detect the options key press, but to no avail. I only get an options key event when closing the menu, not when the menu gets opened.
2) I tried to look for a dialog option to see if it exists or not, but I couldn't find any options on the video component:

Is there a way to know that this dialog is open? I can't find obvious ways to make it work.
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